Taylor and Racine

I responded and still do to where I was from by saying “Taylor and Racine”.  I think of Joe’s Tavern where my dad played shuffleboard and the card game that I remember being called Brisco (probably really Briscolo ?)  Then there … Continue reading

Introductory Story: Growing up in Taylor Street’s Little Italy

I was asked by the Near West Gazette to write an overview of my experiences in growing up in Little Italy prior to their publishing the remaining stories contained in the Taylor Street Archives. Their assumption was that my experiences … Continue reading

Gentile Pharmacy

Gentile Pharmacy Mike Gentile Upon being diagnosed with terminal cancer, in the fall of 2011, and given a limited time to remain with us, Mike Gentile contacted the Taylor Street Archives to include the Gentile Pharmacy in the chronicles of … Continue reading

The Club

“Where are you going?” “No place, ma…I’m just going to the club.” Vince Romano: “It was a glorious time.” During the 30s and 40s and on through the decades of the 50s and 60s, Taylor Street had clusters of Social … Continue reading

Tirtilli's (Solly's) Tavern

From:   Camardo, Eleanor RE:      Archives’ Stories   Dear Mark and Vince: It would be sacrilegious if I did not express those happy good years. I am not the writer you are so please edit as you see fit. … Continue reading

Cinder Stadium: Over the Fence is Out!

By Vince Romano, June 2005 I grew up in Taylor Street’s Little Italy, the Hull House neighborhood.  I share this with the other members of the Taylor Street Archives. I’m sure there are many stories that have come out of … Continue reading

Dante School Yard

By Vince Romano Collaborator:  Johnnie Parise September 2006 The historic significance of the Dante School yard dates back to the turn of the century and then some. It shares center stage with the Jane Addams Hull House (circa 1889), Halsted … Continue reading

A View From Morgan Street

By Sara Amato Loconte Contributors: Dinah and Anthony “Hooker” Troianello Our Morgan Street (1000 west) was one of the many neighborhoods within the boundaries of the legendary Taylor Street’s “Little ltaly.”  Two blocks East of us was the well known … Continue reading

Sheridan Park

By Sam “Blackie” Pesoli & Vince Romano   The near-west side became the dumping ground for thousands upon thousands of European immigrants who found their way to Chicago at the turn of the 20th century. That mass migration of southern … Continue reading

Sheridan Park Protest

Summer 2007 We, the residents and former residents ofTaylor Street’s “Little Italy,” ask why a portion of “our” Sheridan Park was used to memorialize someone other than a resident of our community. What criteria was used to select an individual … Continue reading

Summertime..when the livin' was easy

By Luke Capuano Supporting contributor: Vince Romano Holy-Moly! June’s here and school is OUT!  Let the fun begin!  The weight of the world is off your shoulders and the next 67 days are all yours to do with as you … Continue reading

Blue Boys Club--Rhythm Shack Guys

Vince,   I hung out mostly right on the opposite corner of the Blue Boys Club.  There was a snack shop, called the Rhythm Shack, guys like Neni V., Johnny T., Vergil C., Pete P., Anthony C., Joey M., Mike … Continue reading

The Lupino Gang

“It was a Glorious Time” I grew up on Carpenter Street, just 2 blocks east of Sheridan Park. As a pre-teenager during the 1960s (age 8-9), I belonged to the notorious “Lupino Gang.”  For the uninformed, a lupino is a … Continue reading

Carpenter and Taylor

     My cousins and their friend were from around Carpenter St. and Taylor.  They had a club there, the Corsairs, in the 50’s, I believe. I will write to one of my cousins about this. In fact, I sent him … Continue reading

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