Our Stories

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Those stories, articles and speeches that do not conveniently fit int any of the categories on this page: e.g. Isaiah and the American Dream; My End of Taylor Street; Knowledge Tag and SIFE; etc.


Our stories that revolve around some very memorable places in Little Italy.


Our stories of living on Taylor Street Italy and notable people from Little Italy. 


Our stories in memory of

Hull House

Our stories and memories of Hull House.

Bowen Country Club

Our stories and memories of the Bowen Country Club

Our Athletes

Our stories and memories of notable athletes from Taylor Street and Little Italy. 

Hull House Museum

Beginning with the mass migration from the shores of southern Europe, over a century ago, a unique phenomenon in American culture began to unfold…the psychological genocide of a people. Media induced; this holocaust vilified Italian Americans in a manner unprecedented.

Our Veterans

An important part of the Taylor Street Archive is devoted to our Veterans, those Italian Americans who served with distinction in defense of America. Following is some background information, as well as stories and photographs