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  • Born in Mother Cabrini Hospital, Grandparents aunts and cousins lived in the family brick 6 flat at 711 W Taylor St. Summers we went to Bowen Country Club where my aunt and cousin were counselors

  • Matt Moynihan |

    My grandmother (Nana) grew up in an apartment at 746 W. Taylor Street which is now UIC. She called it the Antonucci building because of the landlord who owned it. I would love to see photos of this street and her building prior to UIC as well as learn more about Mr. Antonucci. Any idea where I can start to learn about this?

  • my father was born here the youngest of 6 children dominick a jannotta family from italy they lived on taylor st chicago

  • Frank Langone |

    Frank Langone My lineage from Giorgione Italy to Taylor St., started with Giuseppe Langone. My family has constantly lived on Taylor St. Since 1910 or so, still 2 living there. My grandpa and then brought his wife Maria and 3 children, Frank, Anthony and Anna. He lived on Hermitage St where the ER Dept doors are to UIC, his next 3 children were born on Taylor St were, Vinnie, James and my father Louis. I was brought home from Mother Cabrini to Polk and Laflin. My 3 brothers Anthony, Louis and Joseph were all born in Cabrini. We moved upstairs in my grandparents 2 flat. We then moved to Taylor and Oakley next store to Ald. Marzullo. My dad served 4.5 years in the Army during WWII in Africa and Europe. My dad made the march up the booth of Italy fighting Nazis. I have a picture of him in Rome for Christmas. My dad never left Taylor St. He said I was born here and I will die here.He lived to be 96 and lived his life in his home at 826 S Oakley. My bother and nephew still live in his homes. I am the 3nd generation to be born on Taylor St. Just a side note my Uncle Frankie(Blackie) was part of the mob in the 20s and 30s where it started in Chicago..

    • Frank,
      I know your brother Anthony. I’ve dropped him off at his house a few times. He gets his car worked on by us over at Orlando Auto.

  • Louis Fiorentino |

    Still live in the house my grandfather bought in 1900. Vernon Park and May St
    My father was born and died in the same room of our home. Many cousins and relatives were born here also.

  • Taylor St.. was where I kind of grew up… I attended Goodrich right next to Salerno’s which was on the corner of Taylor and Peoria.. Blodies!!! Gosh I peeled potatoes there !00lbs for $1.00. right across the street was Franks Hot Dog Stand….. Hot dogs .25 cents… Italian sausage .35 and Italian Beef .45 cents… We lived at 1111 South Peoria. next door to Vito and Angie Sisto… Vito was like my big brother… By the way Frank Torres Jr. his father owned the Milagro Mexican Store on Halsted married a dauther of Blondies… He resides in Antioch today….. Two of HS years were at St, Phillips to play Hockey. . I moved to my adoptive parents home in Lake Forest… those two years .. then on to Augustinian Academy in St. Louis … played Semi pro hockey… Join the Marine Corps and of course served in Vietnam… to much to write,,, ..

    • Gail S. Wrona, Elmhurst, IL |

      Guzzi, love the scenes of growing up in The Old Neighborhood (mine was “Six Corners,” Cicero & Addison, grade school St. Bartholomew, class of 1969). Would appreciate an update since you posted April 2014!

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