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Vince Romano, Editor and Publisher: Taylor Street Archives  A short biography www.TaylorStreetArchives.com Vince grew up in and is a product of Taylor Street, Chicago’s Little Italy, the port-of-call for Chicago’s Italian American immigrants. Like many first generation Italian American’s, his … Continue reading


TAYLOR STREET ARCHIVES www.TaylorStreetArchives.com Our Historic Scrap Book Prologue Taylor Street lies in the shadows of Chicago’s Loop. At the turn of the 20th century, a band of tribes from southern Italy (Campania/Napoli, Sicillia/Palermo, Apuglia/Bari, Calabria/Reggio, Bassilicata, Molise, Abruzzi, …) … Continue reading

Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose  Taylor Street Archives To preserve, for posterity, the names and memories of those immigrants who found their way, from their Italian origins, to the legendary Taylor Street’s Little Italy, the port-of-call for Chicago’s Italian Americans…the inner core of … Continue reading

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  Vince Romano 1524 S. Sangamon #803 Chicago, IL 60608 312-218-4044 vromano@taylorstreetarchives.com  


Research, newsletters, scholarships, cover letters and articles. Continue reading

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Here is a list of the known groups and clubs from Taylor Street. To get a closer look at the members of each club, click on the clubs name. If you wish to have your group or club added to … Continue reading
  • Gail S. Wrona, Elmhurst, IL |

    10.13.17 Followup to my ancestry inquiry email a couple minutes ago…learned of your organization through “Fra Noi” magazine @ Elmhurst Public Library, my 2nd home….

  • Thomas (Migliore) |

    Hello, nice project you have, thanks. I think my Sicilian grandparents may have lived in Little Italy in late 1800 or early-1900’s. Do you have a list of residents from Hull House or Taylor Street? Was there a similar community in Rockford, where my Uncle was born in 1905? My grandmother’s maiden name was Gannetta, and g’father’s Migliore (Americanized by INS to Melido in his earlier years) ?

    • List we have are members of the various clubs. Check them out to see if any of your grandparents exist on any of those lists. Not sure what Rockford may have comparable to our Taylor Street Archives website. But every “Little Italy” should have one.

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