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Taylor Street Bred National Champions

TAYLOR STREET’S NATIONAL CHAMPIONS The following individuals, whose roots go back to Taylor Street’s Little Italy, the port-of-call of Chicago’s Italian Americans…the community Jane Addams labeled “The Hull House Neighborhood,” have either been crowned as National Champions in their field … Continue reading

Taylor Made Athletes-Fra Noi

Interview with: Vincent Romano The Taylor Street Archives honor those intrepid Italian immigrants who settled in the legendary Little Italy on the Near West Side of Chicago, as well as their offspring who were born and raised there. As we … Continue reading

Richard Guerrero - Biography

Name: Dick Guerrero Alias: Richie Birth Name: Richard Guerrero Born: 1930-07-27 Nationality: US American Hometown: Chicago, Illinois, USA Stance: Southpaw 1946 CYO Novice Lightweight Champion. 1947, 1948 and 1949 CYO Lightweight Open Division Champion. 1948 won the Chicago Tribune Golden … Continue reading

Frankie Sagilio

Frank (Frankie) Sagilio “The little man with the big punch” By Judy Sagilio My dad: Frank Sagilio Born: 3-25-1914 to Serafino and Rosa in the town of Marono Marchesato, Province of Casenza, Calabria. (My dad was 6 years of age … Continue reading

Eddie Shea

Pint-Sized Shea an uncrowned champ By Nails Florio He fought under an Irish monicker, as many boxers of yesteryear did. But Eddie Shea, a battling uncrowned champion of years gone by, was as Italian as pizza and pasta. Edward Michael … Continue reading

MY GEMMAS: Idols, Heroes and Role Models

Luke Capuano: Growing up in Taylor Street’s Little Italy Supporting contributor: Vince Romano “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark.” Elsewhere in these Taylor Street Archives is a story that begins … Continue reading

Idols, Heroes and Role Models

Luke Capuano Supporting contributor: Vince Romano The following are some of the early boyhood memories of one of our Taylor Street bred figures. Luke Capuano became a professional fighter and climaxed his career with two memorable fights with Mike Rossman, … Continue reading

Notable Athletes with Roots to the Legendary Taylor Street

Notable Athletes with Roots to the Legendary Taylor Street Excerpted from the February 2014 interview with the FRA NOI Newspaper..  www.taylorstreetachives.com It is altogether fitting and proper to begin our list of notable athletes with Nick Fosco, who, as a … Continue reading

The Ivory Soap Family: Another National Title for the Legendary Taylor Street

The Ivory Soap Family:  Another National Title for the Legendary Taylor Street.  The following quote is found in the prologue of the Taylor Street Archives website: “…a people who excelled in virtually everything that the larger society had ordained for … Continue reading

Nick Schiavone's Contribution to Our Athletes

Vince  just read your article and brought me back to the old neighborhood good times. You covered a lot of good guys in all sports and covered it very well. Jimmy DeVito invented the game of paddle ball what they … Continue reading

Old Chicago CYO Boxing Records

I keep hitting dead ends…so I am trying you. I was wondering…could you please point me in the right direction? I have been looking for ways to contact Sean Curtin. To see if he had access to any film or … Continue reading

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