Those stories, articles and speeches that do not conveniently fit int any of the categories on this page: e.g.

Isaiah and the American Dream;
My End of Taylor Street;
Knowledge Tag and SIFE; etc.

Isaiah and the American Dream

 “A day will come when you will smell land and there will be no land. On that day Captain Ahab will beckon…and all, save one, will perish. ” In Herman Melville’s classic tale of the great white whale, Moby Dick, … Continue reading

Knowledge Tag and SIFE

Prologue:  One could surmise that the Italians—who first discovered, then explored and later named this great country–were also responsible for the symbiotic relationship of those two interdependent miracles.  In merging, they produced the economic, social and political revolution that spawned, … Continue reading

Writers' Conference: My End of Taylor Street

The Italian American experience I am familiar with–and will reference here today– is Chicago’s legendary Taylor Street, the port-of-call for Chicago’s Italian Americans. A time, a place and a people that were and will never be again. The Italian American … Continue reading

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