Carpenter and Taylor

    My cousins and their friend were from around Carpenter St. and Taylor.  They had a club there, the Corsairs, in the 50’s, I believe. I will write to one of my cousins about this. In fact, I sent him your website…..You might hear from him.  But I will send this e mail to him.


     I was born at 1044 W. Taylor St. There was a tailor shop on the first floor of the building and we were on the third floor, renting from Dan Grazidei.   They had 3 sons.   Frank, Johnny and Junior. Junior was electrocuted while standing in water….he was an electrician. Lost contact with the other boys and don’t know if they are alive.


     Had relatives on Miller Street:–Grand ma and Grand Pa Pitzaferro and a cousin next door in the apt. bldg.  Rose Laria.


     So many wonderful memories of trips to see grandma when all Dad’s family would be there (11 bros. and sis and all the offspring).  They had a man who would play the accordion (Carmie) and aunts and uncles would dance and grandpa too would play his concertina.    They are all deceased now except one uncle, the baby.  He lives in Florida. All of the parties were held in the cousin’s apt. bldg.


      I remember the terrific lemon ice. That was the highlight of the trip for us kids, to get lemon ice in paper cups. My aunt Lena lived in the house all Mom’s family was raised in, on Carpenter, 1017 S. Carpenter.  Always loved to go to Aunt Lena and Uncle Louie’s house…..The cousins there were always so much fun and the whole family loved to laugh and be together.  I would take 3 street cars from Mont Clare, Il. to Carpenter, when I was pre-teen and teen just to be with them.  All my cousins are still living…..the oldest will be 87 on down to 70’s for the “baby” Michael.


      Now I wrote a book but I enjoyed all the wonderful memories you stirred up.   I am going to be 82 in June.   My husband will be 87.  He was not from Taylor Street area…..He was from Flournoy st, I think.


      Back to the Corsairs.  I think that was the spelling.


Rose Bonavolant (Pitzaferro)
Mesa, Arizona
Addison, Il.
Elmwood Park, Il.
Chicago, Il.

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