Blue Boys Club–Rhythm Shack Guys


I hung out mostly right on the opposite corner of the Blue Boys Club.  There was a snack shop, called the Rhythm Shack, guys like Neni V., Johnny T., Vergil C., Pete P., Anthony C., Joey M., Mike A., Richie A., Benny D., Jackie B., and a few more whose names I forget.  Now the location of the Blue Boys Club used to be a Candy Store, owned by a mean S.O.B. who we called Bullhead.

We also bought our 16 inch softballs from him, but when we hit home runs over Sheridan Park’s short way fence into his yard, which is the back of the club and was fenced for his garden.  There was no way to get that ball back, he was smart, forced us to buy another one.  But I played over 35 Football Games in Sheridan Park.  Some with The Rhythm Shack guys and some with the Nobles. Hard ball was with the guys from Guardian Angel School, like V.V. De Baro, Tarzano, Patsy, Lefty, Joe Picardi, Shooter Salerno, Anthony Rallo, and some I forgot.  Basketball was with, the Tay-Mors, Caesar Calabrese, Herman the Mex.  Benny Esposito, we played at the Hull House, and the Tay-Hals Bobby Head, Duffy, etc. could not beat us at all, and far taller.  Will get back to you with the Sheridan Park Story.

Deaf Joe

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