Post March 10th, 1945

Letter from Marine Corp

3rd Division F.M.F A. S. 1st Br. 21pl Marines 17 April 1945           United States Marine Corps My Dear Mr. and Mrs. Favia, I have your letter of April 1 requesting information as to the death … Continue reading

Mortally Wounded Telegram

V I T O  F A V I A MORTALLY WOUNDED Sgt. Vito Favia, U.S.M.C. son of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Favia, dear brother of Marietta, Dolores and Rose Marie, died March 10th of wounds received at Iwo Jima. Sgt. … Continue reading

PFC. Joe Pileggi - Regards

                PFC. JOE PILEGGI – “Today I received the sad news about my buddy Vito Favia. Gosh, it really was a shock to me. I really don’t know how to express my feelings. I just can’t believe that my buddy … Continue reading


GALLANTRY TO THE END             Mr. & Mrs. Mike Favia received the following letter from Lt. Milton J. Rapheal:             “I was near Vito when he was hit, and I assure you he did a wonderful job before … Continue reading


IN REPLYING ADDRESS COMMANDANT OF THE MARINE CORPS AND REFER TO NO. 498713 DGU-296-1b   HEADQUARTERS U. S. MARINE CORPS WASHINGTON 25. D. C.     22 June, 1945.     My dear Mrs. Favia: The valuables listed on the … Continue reading

Acceptance of Sliver Star Medal

UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS CENTRAL RECRUITING DIVISION HEADQUARTERS, DISTRICT OF CHICAGO Navy Building, 321 Plymouth Court CHICAGO 4, ILL. 2 October, 1946 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Favia 1027 South Peoria Street, Chicago, Illinois Dear Mr. and Mrs. Favia: I am … Continue reading

C.O.A Company 1st Battallion

A Company 1st Battalion 21st Marines, 3rd Division Fleet Marine Lane, on the Field.   11 April, 1945       My Dear Mrs. Favia,           It is with the most deepest and heart felt sympathy … Continue reading

Western Union

The filing time shown in the date line on telegrams and day letters in STANDATRD TIME at point of origin. Time of receipt is STARNDARD TIME at point of destination WB 415 72 GOVT=WASHINGTON DC 29 946P MR & MRS … Continue reading

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