Vito Favia

Our Veterans: Vito P. Favia

Sgt. Vito P. Favia of 1027 South Peoria Street, age 22.  Inducted November 20, 1942. Basic training San Diego, California. After basic training Vito joined the 4th Raider Battalion as demolition expert. He saw action on Guadalcanal, Bouganville, Munda, Tinina Island, Guam (cited by Co1. Butler for rendering special information on Japanese installation), and Iwo Jima, (volunteered for special patrol to destroy Japanese bunker that was holding up progress of movements, and although seriously wounded placed demolition charges that destroyed the bunker). Died March 10, 1945, of wounds received on Iwo Jima.

Graduated from Holy Guardian Angel grammar school; St. Ignatius High School. Was active in scout movement, Hull House and Boys’ Clubs. Won honors in basketball and boxing with C.Y.O. Junior Division.

Survived by father Michael, mother Mary and three sisters: Marietta, Dolores and Rosemary.

Memorial Mass at Holy Guardian Angel Church, May 12th, 1945 10:00 A.M.

The three (3) attached galleries (Pre March 10 1945, Hull House Bowen Country Club and Post March 10 1945) memorialize Vito Favia’s life before being inducted into the Marine Corp (which includes his stint with Hull house and the Bowen Country Club); during his enlistment; and lastly, after he died during the struggle for Iwo Jima.*

Of special note are Vito Favia’s Taylor Street roots.  They include his Peoria Street address (the street that Willard Motley choose for his 1949 best seller, Knock on any Door), Vito’s participation in the Chain Around the World letters with his Taylor Street/Bowen Country Club buddies, Mrs. Hicks’ (and Mr. Hicks) letter attempting to assuage the anguish of the Favias over their loss (Mrs. Hicks included a photograph of Vito Favia along with her letter.)

*Some of the originals have been retyped for viewer clarity.

Finally, the reader is directed to another story also posted in Our Veterans section of the Taylor Street Archives, Alistaire Cooke: A date that will live in infamy. 

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