Old Chicago CYO Boxing Records

I keep hitting dead ends…so I am trying you. I was wondering…could you please point me in the right direction?
I have been looking for ways to contact Sean Curtin. To see if he had access to any film or photos or record archives about C.Y.O. boxing in Chicago in 1939, and/or the early 1940’s. I ask because I found an old photo of my father (attached) which showed him wearing a shirt that said C.Y.O. Novice Champion 1939.
I had heard that he boxed and now am thinking about it more. What was his record? Where and when did he fight? Who did he fight? My family story also includes him getting invited to Hawaii to try and make the U.S. Olympic team. But something happened. One story has him coming down with the measles on the trip in, and getting shipped back home.
I know the ‘40 and ‘44 Olympics were cancelled, and my father joined the army, and I think he boxed there too. Did they keep records of bouts?  Please help. Do feel free to forward this on to Sean, or anybody else that might be able to help.

His name was Alfred Peter Reporto (Freddy) from Chicago, IL
Thank you for considering this.
Ralph A. Reporto


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