Nick Caruso Sr... His Way

A Taylor Street Odyssey To begin before the beginning, Nick Caruso’s mother, Mary, was born on De Koven Street, in Mrs. O’Leary’s cottage. It is here, in the southeast corner of the legendary Taylor Street’s Little Italy, that the Great … Continue reading

Raymond C. Principe

A REFLECTION I have often marveled at the ability of others to stand up and speak about a loved one at such as emotional time. I wish I could because I want to share my thoughts about this wonderful man, … Continue reading

Bobby Garippo

There was more than one dimension to Bobby Garippo. Let me quickly recall some of them and get on with that dimension many among us knew best. Like so many of his friends here today, Bobby Garippo’s identity was forged … Continue reading

Robert "Doc" Yario

Doc Yario, a product of the Legendary Taylor Street, was one of a multitude of Taylor Street bred young men who overcame the prophesies of our sociological soothsayers.  A Notre Dame graduate, Doc became a heart surgeon of note.  Like … Continue reading

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