Bowen Country Club

Introductory Story: Growing Up in Taylor Street's Little Italy

I was asked by the Near West Gazette to write an overview of my experiences in growing up in Little Italy prior to their publishing the remaining stories contained in the Taylor Street Archives. Their assumption was that my experiences … Continue reading

Bowen Country Club: The Hull House Summer Camp

Bowen Country Club: The Hull House Summer Camp Vince Romano, et al In 1912, Jane Addams and Mrs. Louse DeKoven Bowen purchased the 72 acre site on the north end of Waukegan, IL, to add to the recently completed … Continue reading

Chain Around the World Letter: by Mrs. Bowen Intro

BCC WWII Veterans’ Chain Around the World Letter Bless Them All (TAKEN FROM AN AUG.1945 B.C.C.NEWSLETTER)“CHAIN AROUND THE WORLD” A concept created by Bowen Country Club (B.C.C.) Alumnus, Guido Tardi, and produced By Mrs. Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Hicks, and … Continue reading

Chain Around the World-Letters

Hands Around the World: Letters from Bowen Country Club (BCC) alumni while serving their country during World War ll.   A banner with the number 257 hung from the rafters of dining room at the Bowen Country Club. That was … Continue reading

The Debs

The “Young Debs” at Bowen Country Club, 1951 Top: Lu Caruso, Maryann Altier, Jackie Bagnola, Marge De Talve, Tommie Romano 3rd: Rose Ranieri, Fran Tarsitano, Cookie Valerio 2nd: Marilyn Ferraro, Rosalie Carengella, Louise De Palma, -?, Paulette Cassale Bottom: Lu … Continue reading

Two Week Furlough

As a child I attended a Hull House camp called The Bowen Country Club, located in Waukegan, Illinois. During the summer groups of mothers and children spent two week at this beautiful camp which was filled with flowers, grass and … Continue reading

Angelo Mistretta Biography

Angelo Mistretta Biography February 13, 2010 I was born on February 16, 1925 in Chicago, Illinois at home by a mid-wife. My address was 560 West Gilpin Street (now called Cabrini Street). My siblings are as follows: Margaret (Maggie), Bella, … Continue reading

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