• Thanks, for posting a photo of Holy Guardian Angel Parish+school.
    I was the last to be baptized in the parish and this means so much to me, because all of my family history centers around that church since they came from Italy over a hundred years ago. P.S. If any one has photos of the 12th street store please post on this site, as my grandmother Concetta worked there many years , including other institutions in the Taylor/Halsted area. The family name is Abenanti.
    Thanks, M.

    • Their are a couple of pictures of the 12th Street store on the site. They may not be titled yet as we are revamping the photo gallery. Keep checking.

    • Somewhere I have one photo
      And cards that were sent out when you were a month behind
      On your payments.

      They served waffles and ice cream to us high school girls who worked in the Credit Dept.
      1953 for Carl Wirtz, WWII

      Our names were Dolores Leone,
      Jeanine Rosinia, both part time student typists at that time.

      • Thank you Delores…weren’t those waffle sandwiches the best! Are you going to the St.Mary’s reunion on Sunday? If you find the pictures and the card please send them to us and we will scan them and send them back to you.
        Tommie Romano

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