Wolverine Girls

Original Wolverine Girls

Lorraine Senese Ignoffo

Adele Scala Arturi

Marie Orseno DeMenna*

Lena DeSalvo LaPorte

Delores Favia Fazio*


Later Additions

Mary Senese Corso*

Alice Chavola Boroff

Elenore Salerno Corso*

Sabina Valerio Carso

Grace Valerio DeMarie

Elizabeth (Bella)Caringella Casale*

Frances (Pansy)Caringella LaPorte

Mary Caringella Fiore

Catherine (Cal)Basile DeLeonardis

Henrietta Euzino Albergo

Additional Associates

Antoinette (Cookie) Valerio Salerno

Phyllis DeSalvo Victorio


Submitted with the help of Chickie Fazio and Wolverine Girls






Salvatore(Sonny) Ignoffo

Anthony Arturi*


James (Cookie) LaPorte

Frank (Chickie) Fazio



Phil Corso*

Cy Boroff

Angelo Corso*

Anthony Carso*


Phil Casale

Vic LaPorte (JR)


Jerome DeLeonardis

Ben (jr)


Sam Salerno


Frank Victorio (Vic)



  • Jerilyn DeLeonardis |

    The list of names are all of my Mother’s and Father’s life long friends, cousins and my mother and father. Correction in the name Catherine ( Cal) Basile DeLeonardis.
    My mom’s name is Kathleen (Kal) Basile –
    DeLeonardis not Catherine please correct.
    What is the Wolverine girls ? Thank you.

    • Thank you for contacting us to make the correction on your mother’s name. The list was given to us by one of the other members of the Wolverines. The Wolverines are a group of men and women who started a club as young people in the Little Italy neighborhood years ago. They enjoyed many years of fun together. They were great friends who traveled, raised their children, went through happy times and sad times together and were always there for each other. Wonderful group!

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