Taylor Bishop


We started the Taylor Bishops in the 50s.  The location was on the northeast corner of Taylor and Laflin Street Next to a hardware store and a Barber (old guy who wore a red hair wig).  My grandparents had the grocery store directly across the street, Montalbano Grocery and my Grandfather had the bakery down the street on Laflin.  Here are some of the names:  Vincent Argentino (Chickie) Lucian Madda, Tony Madda , Bruno Belmonte, Richard Mancini, Dan Marraro (Pee Wee)Vincent and Jimmy Abananti (?) the twins, Nello Greco, Frank Fosco, Tony the Lid (Idon’t remember his last name, Tony Ferro (we refered to him as Tony Curtis), Tony Danza,Nick Evangelista,Tony Polizze . Tony and Bobby Torterello.   Some I don’t remember their last names like Red, Lefty, Dooner, Blackie etc…….  The store had two rooms, the back room had a pool table and the front had some chairs and tables we would play cards all night.
Where Rose Buds Restaurante is located was the Macroni Store owned by the two Scari brothers.  On the other side of Taylor was the Napalatano Bakery.   Down the street on Taylor was the Belmonte Florist and Lemonade shop where Bruno and I would work some times.  His uncle , Victor was my godfather.  I can still picture the entire neighborhood.  We lived at 913 S. Laflin Street above my Grandfathers Bakery.
Most of us went to Grammar school at Our Lady of Pompeii and most of us were baptized, communion and confirmation at the church.   We played softball in an empty lot on Garbaldi Street.  A lot of the social activity was conducted by the mens club , the Knights of Roland, it was comprised of World War II vets and named in honor of Roland Greco , who was killed in the Pacific on a battleship .  That group of men were tough guys….
That’s all I have for now.
Sal Pontillo (Babe)

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