Morgan Fads SAC

LastNameFirst NameNeighborhood NameCommentRatingDeceasedAddressCityState/ProvincePostal CodePhone #
XHi Jack
RayOomba's Father1D
Wee Wee
PepineLive on Morganriver rat
AcceturaVitoViducciTruck driver1D
AlagnaJoeXNewspaper mailer1D
AlesiaJohnPudgy;All city football Q.B. for Old St. Patricks H.S; also, played basketball & softball w/ Kool-Vent awning2
AlesiaMikeWackerundefeated in swift pitching; played for $$$; St IGGY H.S. QB; See Archives story25 So. Wabash #1202ChicagoIL60603312-236-3408
AlesiaJoeTreasurer & founder: Morgan Fads. Wacker's father. Tailor; ILGWU union stewart .1D
AlesiaVinceCPD; softball & football; Jimmie Long's son2
ArmandoBillieXSoftball Star had a couple of professional boxing matches.2
AutieroCarmenBug HouseMouse's side kick; later worked at Tufano's; See Archives story about papa Milano's1D
BaliceNickNickie RabbitWon billion to one odds poker hand with 4 queens.2
BartucciJoeJockoWW II army
BattistaJoeJ.B.consummate card player
BattistaMikeBuzzieJBs brother; Mouse Salerno's best friend; was a furrier.
CalabreseNickieFlap EarsD
CaringellaMikeSixtyCaringelli's butcher on taylor; Owned Armand's restaurant on grand Ave.D2
CarusoAlCaruso Plumbing2
CavalloStanleyStashOwned gas heater store on Blue island1
CelesteLawrenceDago Lawrence Snorky dagoamateur boxer2
ChairoAlexLakeyNewspaper mailer2
ChairoCarmenSmeedNewpaper mailer
ChairoMikeMiguchNewspaper mailer2
ChairoGinsbergChicken DinnerNewspaper mailer2
ChairoJoeEldest Chairo brother; Cocacabana CHG HTs2
ChavelloJoeIndian JoeArmy WW II2D
ChiaroCarmenSmeed (Jimmie Black bros.)1D
ChiaroJamesJimmie BlackFounder of Mor Fads. VP newspaper mailers union1D
CocoEddie2Teamster bus agent
ContursiTonyXOwner A. Cortursi & Sons Furniture Store
CorvinoGeorgeWWII purple Ht2
CorvinoClaudetteConfined to wheel chair. W/MS. Had one daughter.
CorvinoTonyWeaselBootsie Corvino's eldest Son
CorvinoJackMiserGolden Gloves champ w/ Richie Guerrero; fought out of old CYO gym on Wabash & congress.1D
CorvinoJoe Sr.BootsieJoe Corvino Sr. breeder of pit bulls & owner of Blacksmith shop. Had 4 sons and 6 daughters. Staged Pit bull fights in his garage1D
CorvinoJeannieDied in car accident w/Bennie McGurgs
Corvino Jr.JoeJoseSpent final yrs in Wisc w/ Jackie running inherited business from uncle1D
CozziTony Sr.XJunk co. Owner; Most successful dice player of all time. Games were held in Morgan St garage and club.D
CozziTonyTony GooCrane H.S. football team; Newspaper mailer
DalesadroJohnSharkMorgan Fads founder; Insurance salesman; Outstanding at italian card games.D
DalesandroJoe(Milk Man)1D
DalesandroJoeHammer Nose2nd generation MFad Pres. Great Softball player, played FB for Crane H.S;22003
DalesandroAnthonyButch(Shark's son) Owner of successful reord co.1
DalesandroBobbieHurler BobPlayed FB @ St pats w/Pudgy Alesia1D
DalesandroAbrose(Hammer's uncle) Ambie1D
DalesandroJimmieJimmie JeemsBlu Blu's Brother; Outstanding athlete held back by poor vision.
DalesandroFrankBlu BluWindy City caliber player; Brother is Jimmy Jeems.1D
Del FiacoTonyT RamLothario--a real lady's man; sold dry goods out of his car.
Del FiacoHenryPer-per
DiJulioRayShorty RayBlind in WW II. Used to spend hours telling stories to Tenagers; was married at BCC. See Bowen CC story1
DiPintoMikeMike Malado2
DiSilvioDomSnooker DomExellent Poker Player
DittoreGuyTaylor St barber1
EspositoJoeJoe SkornzCPD beats: Rush Street, Lincoln Park Zoo, Greek Town. Never wrote a traffic ticket. Stand-up guy.2
FernandezBennieBennie McGurgsSuffered sever leg injury in crash w/ Jeannie Corvino1D
FioreDominickFiorePipe fitter; pilot as hobby; married Mary Caringella2
FortunaFrankCheechbarber shop on Roosevelt Rd. Famous for close shaves.1
FoscoAnthonyFoscoGreat football & softball player, great friends w/ Wacker.2D
GaribaldiSamSammy Balls2
GaribaldiJoeJoe BallsCPD; mother was a mid-wife.2
GasparroArthurJasperFamily owned the Salerno building mentioned in CINDER STADIUM story.2D
GiampaEddieSteady Eddie1979 Vegas intl Gin Rummy champ; Bugsy won in 1977 and hammer nose took 7th around same time2
JacamelliFrankBox Fighter;Came from Loomis ST.
LaPlacaJohnChickieGolden glover; playedin Sun Times all star BB tourn. at old Chgo StadiumRiver rats20061040T Rogers Cirl.Sun CityAZ85351
LaterzaAnthonyBlubberAnthony is mentioned in Vince Romano's introductory story for Archives; Father owned butcher where Tuscany rest now is.2
LaterzaMikeOwned butcher shop where Tuscany resaurant is now. Family still owns the land. Fronzi Perri grocer shared store
LotitoJoeJoe BayOwned Riviera on Taylor & Morgan; a neighborhood hangout for boys & girls.1D
LucentiRoccoRiver rats Rock N Dock
MalizzioGuyTruck driver1
MalizzioNickieNigollClose friends with Al salerno1D
ManciniBobbieBobbie ButtsBrick layer
ManciniJimmieJimmie G-Man2D
MandarinoTonyarf-arfWW II paratrooper; avid Bear fan
ManganoJoeLittlesNewspaper man1D
MelchiorreBillMoosePlayed BB @ Sheridan PK w/ Wacker, Billy Armando, Carl calabrese, etc.
MenalacinoLouisBullFather, Sargento, worked in Partipilo bakery.
MonteFrankBabeBoxed all through Europe w/ U.S> Army team2River RatD
MugnoloCarmenXfamily owned candy store near goodrich School.2
PalucciVinceXNewspaper mailer1D
ParelliJimmieLas Vegas Casino Worker1D
ParelliMikeXWW II Navy Cross in South Pacific.
ParisTonyXRush Street's Tony Paris Lnge; Latin dancer; Had Lou Gherig disease: "I never even played baseball."3D
PartipiloMikePartipilo Bakery 1039 So. Morgan; sons: Mike & Paul; mother 9Antonio) & father (Mike) founded grocery & bakery store1D
PartipiloJohnBox Car's brother; also in WWII; CPD
PartipiloJoeBox CarWW II purple ht; crushed spine in tank destroyer; lived face down on liter which he was able to propel himself with until he died in 1948
PartipiloPaulPaulieOriginal Morgan FAD; bakery driver1D
PartipiloAntonioLa BossMike's mother; ran grocery store w/ no register; change into her pocket & bills into her stocking; made & sold home made wine.
PelletieriDickieThe Lark1D
PerriDominickOwned grocery store on loomis1D
PiscatelloJerryBugsyWon 1977 Las Vegas Intl. Gin Rummy/ Tournament.
PiscatelloDonatoFather DenyuchExtremely religious; attended holy Family Church1
ProvenzaleMikePronzieCoal man's son.2
RalloDonaldDuckGood Athlete; 2 bros: Anthony and paul1
RamiconeRayHorse CollarOriginal Member Morgan FADS; John Shark Dalesandro's BIL; Sox & Chgo Cardinal fan
RamiconeJoeJoe DocMilk man
RiccioRogerMr. Moto211/15/98D
RomanoVinceVirginz (as Bobbie Salerno used to called him)From Peoria St; Worked at Hull House & BCC; founder of Taylor Street Archives; led Wells H.S. to city championship in Basket B.2
SalernoAlbertBeansProf. plumber; loved dice and poker. Always took train to vegas.2D
SalernoPeteScardoneUS Marine Corps Master SGt.; Joined in 1939; was in invasion of So Pacific Islands: Saipan, Tinian & Guam;
SalernoLouieButchLeft neighborhood early to manage 3 Las Vegas Hotels.2
SalernoSammyTreepAll of the Salerno's lived on Peoria St. & were part of the Cinder Stadium legend. Had gas station on morgan & Roosevelt2
SalernoBobbieKatchAmong other things, Bobbie managed fighters. Has Tony Bennett features.1
SalernoMickeyMouse; Mickey MamboManaged Stardust trailer Ct in Vegas; great dancer; US Navy-met up w/brother Scardone in Pacific; see Rush Street story.2D
SandoreRichardAceSoftball player and all around athlete
SandoreRobertDoc HumpDied WW IID
SandoreJimStep & A Half; BullardPlayed FB and SB despite short legD
SantospiertoNick(Grocer) On Corner of Sangamon & Taylor next to Goodrich School
SilvestriNickBig WoodMarried Nita Menduno1D
SilvestriAngeloWood (Little)drove for Interstate trucking2D
SpalerioAugieHad the wrong name on invitations he passed out; wedding never took place; .River rat
TagliollaDanDopey DanHung w/Boxcar in abandoned bldg (High Shore)-a famous hangout
TagliollaClementClamsArmy WW II
VassaloRomeoXOwned storm window business w/ Snooker Dom.1D
VitalePetePetie the bear"Two men enter; one man leaves." Once had a contest w/another guy putting out cigarettes on each other's armD

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