Bowen Country Club Counselors

The names of Bowen Country Club Counselors and the years they worked. Continue reading

Bowen Country Club

The names of Taylor Street Archives members who attended Bowen Country Club and the years they attended. Continue reading

Blue Boys Club

Members of the Blue Boys Club. Continue reading

Cecilia SAC

Members of the Cecilia S.A.C. Continue reading

Dago Dukes

Members of Dago Dukes. Continue reading


The “Young Debs” at Bowen Country Club, 1951   What would we do without friends? They make us laugh, they bring us tears. They are the rocks upon which we lean; they are the needles that prod us to take … Continue reading

Fosco SAC

Members of Fosco S.A.C. Continue reading

Holy Guardian Angel Church

Members of The Holy Guardian Angel Church. Continue reading

Morgan Fads SAC

Members of the Morgan Fads S.A.C. Continue reading

Taylor Bishop

Vincent, We started the Taylor Bishops in the 50s.  The location was on the northeast corner of Taylor and Laflin Street Next to a hardware store and a Barber (old guy who wore a red hair wig).  My grandparents had … Continue reading

Near West

Members of Near West. Continue reading

Taylor Bishop

Members of Taylor Bishop Continue reading

Wolverine Girls

Original Wolverine Girls Lorraine Senese Ignoffo Adele Scala Arturi Marie Orseno DeMenna* Lena DeSalvo LaPorte Delores Favia Fazio*   Later Additions Mary Senese Corso* Alice Chavola Boroff Elenore Salerno Corso* Sabina Valerio Carso Grace Valerio DeMarie Elizabeth (Bella)Caringella Casale* Frances … Continue reading

Wolverine Men

Paul Bettini (farmer) Jimmy Giannopolous Carmie Balsamo * Frank Fazio (Chickie) Raul Castillo Pete Galianopoulos (Yate)* John Tarisiano (Cooney) Jimmy Poulos Joe Guida (Squeegy) Mike Salerno* Frank Torselli Associates Tom Granata Al Meo John Puglise (coach) Tony Ross Carol Delores … Continue reading

WWII Veterans: Taylor Street

The 257 Bowen Country Club alumni who served in WWII are featured on a list titled Hands Around the World.  Their stories can also be found in OUR STORIES>OUR VETERANS. Please use the comments to send in the names of … Continue reading

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