Family Ancestry Tree Application

If you wish to have your Family Ancestry Tree added to the Taylor Street Archives, please fill out the application below.

 Family Tree Application

If we do not act now, the following shall be our epitaph:

 and it came to pass that, for those who followed us, it was as if we never were.”  Martin Scorcese

 The Taylor Street Archives is our opportunity to preserve, for posterity, the names and memories of those emigrants (along with their offspring) who found their way, from their Italian origins, to the legendary Taylor Street’s “Little Italy.”  The Archives will be our footprint; it can never be erased.   It will ensure that our place in the history of Taylor Street’s Little Italy, the social laboratory of the Jane Addams’ Hull House, is neither usurped nor redefined by others.  We are the history of Taylor Street’s Little Italy.

You can submit your family profile.   If you have not already compiled your family history we can refer you to specialists who can research your family ancestry.  Your family will become one of many branches on the giant Family Tree displayed on the Taylor Street Archives website.

You are also encouraged to submit the history of your family’s pilgrimage to Taylor Street, the port-of-call of Chicago’s Italian Americans… beginning with their debarkation from the shores of Southern Italy.  You may, if you choose, also submit stories about your family’s Taylor Street experience.

Pictures: A group picture(s) of your family is highly recommended to be displayed on your branch of the Taylor Street Archives Family Tree.  Individual pictures are welcomed as well.

If you choose, Your Family Tree profile (see application below) will one of the many leaves that comprise the Legendary Taylor Street’s Little Italy.

Special stories and essays:  If you or any member of your family would like to submit a special story about Taylor Street—(see index of stories already submitted and posted for the general reader)—feel free to contact us for assistance.


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