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And for some of us, our early childhood experiences had inoculated us
 from our latter day Gemmas.”   

An invitation to a guided tour of the Hull House Museum and the Legendary Taylor Street’s Little Italy, the port-of-call for Chicago’s Italian Americans.  The immigrant community became the laboratory upon which the sociologists and philanthropists, the guiding forces of the Jane Addams’ Hull House, tested their theories and based their protests to the establishment.  Jane Addams had labeled the immigrant community “The Hull House Neighborhood.”   We invite disciplines in the social and urban sciences to join us in the exploration of…a time, a place and a people that were, and will never be again.

Planning your visit to Chicago’s Little Italy:
We can assist teachers with disciplines in the social sciences—(elementary, high school and college) — plan their trip to Taylor Street’s Little Italy for a memorable and meaningful educational experience. Prior to your visit, we highly recommend that your students read those stories in this web site that align themselves with your specific discipline. They include stories that chronicle the odyssey of those immigrants and their first generation offspring whose identities were fashioned within the subculture of Taylor Street’s Little Italy…a time, a place, and a people that were, and never will be again.

Links page:
We suggest that your students check out our links page for additional information on the Italian American Immigrant experience.

Itinerary:  Consider the following tours during your trip to Chicago’s Little Italy:
Hull House tour
National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame tour
The Shrine of Our lady of Pompeii or Holy Family Church tour

Food and refreshments:
Tufano’s restaurant: Economical meals served family style, or
Pomeii restaurantEconomical meals and pizza served cafeteria style, or
Conte di savoy grocery store:  Classic Italian submarine sandwiches, plus
Ferrara bakery:  Classic Italian pastries for desert or to take home, or
Mario’s lemonade stand:  A summertime delight on the corner of Taylor and Aberdeen.

In addition to the above, we can arrange for your students to visit one of the neighborhood S.A.C. Clubs.  These old neighborhood clubs played (and continue to play) a vital role in the lives of both residents and former residents.

Wikipedia articles of interest:
Hull House
Jane Addams
Near-west side
Bowen Country Club (in construction)

We can address your student group:
Mr. Romano is one of many prominent authors and leaders of the Italian American community that can be your tour guide and may also be available as a guest speaker for your class.


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