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  • Hi There,

    I’m looking for a Richard Clairemonte who added a school in Rochford, Essex in the late 1980’s.


  • So pleased to have found this site. Both sides, of my family lived in the neighborhood.

  • Bill Zucker Phyllis Zucker |

    We lived at 1023 s newberry

  • I got a pamphlet from my cousin Toni Capo about your website.Thanks for bring back old memories and some old friends.

  • Lena Corvino Rosinia I believe was married to Cook County Judge Michael Rosinia our neighbors at 1003 S Racine.

    Our neighbors were Gloria Mazzone , Basile family,
    Wonderful memories of the area.

    • Dolores Leone |

      Tommie, you have posted a photo of Greystone bldg at 1003-1005-1007 S Racine, at Taylot where Jeanine and I
      Lived, two bldgs my parent’s owned. The photo has two people in dark clothing, long dress on lady, indicates 1920 or before when photo was taken.This is my father’s bldg
      and could yiu tell us who sent
      You that photo? Valentino, Scalzetti, Petite Family we have
      Same photo but ours is from
      1940, s or 1950, s.Same missing
      Greystone missing from top of the bldg. HELP Us Tommie

      • Delores,
        Thank you for inquiry about the picture of the greystone. We will check our files of pictures to see if we can determine who sent us that particular picture. I will be out of town for a couple of weeks will be able to get to it then.
        Hope all is well. Great hearing from you.

      • Dolores Leone |

        To Tommie Romano

        My husband and I submitted
        a story about living at Taylor
        and Racine in 1950, s and never
        heard back from you just before
        you were out of town, one year
        ago. We are assuming that this
        website is no longer.
        Thank you.

        • Delores
          You submitted that request on 10/28/14, I responded in Nov. to tell you we would look for the source. I did speak to you by phone to tell you we did not find the person yet and to tell you our article was really interesting but needed to be embellished. I hope we can find the person from the photo. Looking forward to your story…it was great.

          PS: we are very much in existence and have a facebook page. New articles and photos will be entered soon.

      • Tommie we still are waiting to hear from you.

        • Delores,
          You had sent one story and we had spoken about the story being good but was disjointed and you said you would have your husband look it over and rewrite so Vince could help or accept whatever was rewritten. We never heard about it again. The other correspondence we had was to find the person who had sent in a picture of your old house which we had published. We put out messages if any one new about it and who was in the picture …we never got an answer. There were three comments in all and I will try to put them together and send them to you so you can see what they were. Thank you for your interest. Hope all is well with you. Will you be coming to the Italian Fest Aug. 13-16? We will be having a booth. Hope to see you there. Tommie

    • Jerilyn DeLeonardis |

      My mother’s best friend is Lena Corvino.
      My mother’s maiden name is Basile, my Grandmother and Grandfather’s name are Rose and Mike Basile. My grandfather had 5 sisters and his parents lived in a apartment building on Taylor and Racine. My Grandma Rose’s maiden name is Greco. are the same Basile’s that were your neighbors ?

  • Lourdes Guerrero |

    I remember that we were one of the few Mexican families living on Taylor Street. We lived at 848 W. Taylor above the Albergo’s Blue Island grocery store. We attended St. Francis parish and school until the school closed, I believe in 1963. My siblings and I then went to school at Holy Family elementary school where I graduated from in 1968. I had fond memories of Taylor street. I was trying to remember where Blondies hot dog stand was. Could anyone tell me?

    • You lived near Taylor and Peoria. Blondie’s was on Taylor and Newberry about one half block east of you and on the same side of the street. You lived on the same of the street as the Perris and the Lombardos. You probably also remember Theresa’s tavern, which was across the street from you.

    • Anthony Lopez |

      I Remember The stoe I lived at 834 Taylor,,Also attended St. Francis. Blondies Hot Dog stand was on Taylor and Newberry.

      • Anthony Lopez |

        Lived across from Theresa’s tavern, and next to the Lombardos in fact i knew her, because her sister Anita Lombardo was our next door neighbor.

        • Anthony Lopez |

          also went to Jackson school, remember some of my friends such as Ricky(James) Romano, Cot(Mike Carruso), and of course my next door neighbors Butterball (Frank) Lombardo, Nd Frankie Rossi, Baby Ann, Johnny Boy and Ray Ray. Went to St. Phillips H.S. in the Mid 60s. Reading these stories bring back a sense of nostalgia of an unforgetable place and time. I will forever identify with Taylor St.

          • I grew up on the Western end of the neighborhood at 2349 W. Grenshaw, near Western Ave, between Taylor and 12th St. I also Attended St. Philips from 1960 to 1964.

            Nick Galloro

  • Love and appreciate the time and work put into this
    Immense project

  • Francine Miller |

    My grandfather Joe Corvino had the blacksmith shop on Morgan St. My grandfather died before they started tearing down the neighborhood. I graduated from Goodrich school. We were the last graduating class and I remember looking out the window of the school and seeing the wrecking crane crash through our apartment ending traditions and a whole nationality of a people that were hard working, family orientated and inventive.
    We feel a bond to anybody we talk to now that says they were from Taylor St.

    • I remember the corvinos I lived a few doors away used to sit and talk with Claudia & Jeanne was real nice. all the brothers were cool guys. I used to hold the rope on the bad horses with my friends while gigi shoe them. my name is pat scudiero & my grandfather mike provenzale had the coal & oil business at 1019 s. morgan. my mother was Kathie provenzale. how I miss those days and the beautiful neighborhood we lived in.

  • Diana Kressin |

    Hi, I am looking for anyone related to Raffaele and Nunzia Giobbe. Or Eduardo DiRosa and Marianne D’Amato. Both families from Torre Del Greco, late 1800’s-early 1900’s

  • Elaine Coduto Vitale |

    One of my best (and earliest) memories was visiting my paternal grandparents (Christina and Fiorangelo Coduto) and my Uncle Al on Taylor St. east of Halsted St. I think it was the last house in the city that didn’t have electricity. The ironic part was General Electric was a block behind them!

  • Elaine Coduto Vitale |

    Too many memories of the 1st 17 yrs. of my life to comment on but one of my best (and earliest) memories was visiting my paternal grandparents (Christina and Fiorangelo Coduto) on Taylor St. east of Halsted St. I think it was the last house in the city that didn’t have electricity. The ironic part was General Electric was a block behind them!

    • Dolores Leone Norris |

      My sister Grace Rizzo lived on Taylor and Racine, she knew your mom. Grace and Ernie had
      Summer cottage Lake Zurick,we were 10 yrs old 1946, my nephew Ernie Rizzo, ,private
      Investigator in Chicago for many years. You had two sisters, correct?

      Perhaps cousin RRalph Casale you knew then as well Chicago policeman.

      Hope I have right family.
      We lived 1005 Racine, next door to Rosinia family.

      • Sandra Rizzo Bozek |

        Was Grace married to Pete Rizzo?
        If so that was my aunt n uncle.
        My grandparents Mike n Rose Rizzo left Chicago and moved to Lake Zurich.

  • Anthony Palucci |

    Thank You Mr. Romano for the important work you have done and are doing.

  • I am looking for Cristina Larson. I need to speak to someone in the Anthony Forchione born in Faeto (FG), Italy regarding his property in Italy. Tel 415 382 -6171

  • My family lived at 770 W. Taylor and my grandmothers family lived across the street.
    I have done a lot with the genealogy and even was recognized as a Italian citizen. I would be happy to hear from anyone.

  • I couldn’t have said it any better . The media has destroyed the Italian American heritage with its not so reality shows , painting a portrait of Italians as thugs and thieves with our wife beaters . Many wonderful hardworking talented honest people grew out of Taylor Street . I was sickened to my core by the representation the media made of our people , and somehow we need to emphasize the good because there is a lot more good than people know about .

  • Growing up on Taylor St , we didn’t know the gift of living on a street that was one huge outdoor family room . You lived outside as much as you lived inside . The street taught you lots of things about life and community and the importance of neighbors and friends . We relied on one another when times were tough and we protected one another when the world tried to beat down our neighborhood with poverty and eminent domain . We all suffered and we all rejoiced on Taylor , our own wars behind our doors . Some of us have left that mystical street , traveling many states to find a new life of our own , but have we really left , or do we take Taylor street wherever we go , in our hearts . People can tell I’m different , I tell them ” yes I am , I grew up on Taylor street and I’m proud of that ”
    C. Corvino

  • Carmie , this is a great website dedicated to Taylor st. I’m so glad I found this , Claudette , the daughter in a wheelchair was my mother .

  • That blacksmith shop was my grandfathers , I grew up on Taylor and laflin , but my family moved from Taylor and Morgan , when the U of I campus was built , I have many many pictures of the blacksmith shop .

    • I would love to see the pictures & if you have any of the whole street on morgan id be in my glory/ pat scudiero

  • former camper at b.c.c.had the best time of my life.i think about the site every day.

  • enjoyed the days i spent at bcc.just found this web site.


    As a child I attended a Hull House camp called The Bowen Country Club, located in Waukegan, Illinois.
    During the summer groups of mothers and children spent two week at this beautiful camp which was filled with flowers, grass and trees. It was a welcome change from the Taylor Street slum area where we all lived.
    Part of the staff of this camp was made up of former campers and in 1942 or 1943 staff was hard to get. World War II had begun and all of the young men were in the service or doing other essential war work. It had gotten so bad that women were recruited as counselors for the cottages that housed younger boys.
    At this time a former camper, Mike Garippo, whose nickname was “Superman” received a two week furlough before going overseas to the war. Instead of spending his leave with his family or looking for girls in bars, Mike volunteered to come out to the Bowen Country Club and work as a counselor at the cottage that housed boys ages six to ten. He felt that a male influence was important for boys at this young age. So he came to Waukegan to spend his precious furlough.
    One of the main requirements for children to move from the “Baby” cottage to the “Children’s” cottage was the ability to handle a knife and fork at the table. There were other requirements as well. I filled out those requirements at the age of five, so I was put into the cottage where Mike Garippo was acting counselor. I was small for my age and all of the other kids in that cottage were older and bigger than I was.
    One of the games that was played was called “Scalp Rush”. It consisted of a dirt filled bag that someone would hold and try to prevent the others from taking. It was a rough and tumble game that involved a good deal of physical contact. It was played in an open field.
    Somehow the other boys in the cottage thought that it would be a good idea to shove the “scalp” into the hands of me, the smallest one, and then all pile on top of me. They did that.
    And one or two thought that it would be an even better idea to shove my face into the dirt. They did that too.
    To this day I can still feel the fear of not being able to breathe and of having all these people on top of me so that I couldn’t move. I struggled and managed to lift my face a few times to gulp some air before my face was pushed back into the dirt. I was terrified and weakening fast.
    Then all of a sudden, I heard a voice yelling. The bodies on top of me started to get tossed aside. At last I could turn over on my back and breathe.

    I opened my eyes and there was a giant standing over me. His back was to the sun so that I couldn’t make out his features, but it looked like he had a halo around his head from the sun.

    It was Mike Garippo asking if I was okay. And when I said that I was he tore into the other boys saying that they should have been ashamed of themselves for ganging up on the smallest one. He also had a few choice words for the other two inexperienced counselors who had allowed it to happen. From then on until the end of camp period he sort of looked after me.
    While he was at camp he wrote a camp song to the tune of “Bless Them All”, a popular World War Two song. It goes:

    Bless them all,
    bless them all
    The long and the short and the tall.
    Bless all the campers
    who play all the day.
    Bless all the counselors
    who show them the way.
    For we’re saying “Have Fun” to them all
    Swimming and playing baseball.
    No griping or fighting,
    nor any backbiting
    So cheer up my lads,
    bless them all.
    Later that year we all got word that Mike Garippo was killed in action in the war. It hurts to this day. They say that war takes the best of what we have and in this case it was really true.
    At every reunion the campers and staff of the Bowen Country Club sing that song and Mike is remembered. To me at least, Mike Garippo was a perfect example of what American men are supposed to be.
    He was strong, kind and brave and he looked out for those weaker than himself. What more perfect example of a hero could you want? And when I close my eyes I can still see him ….. a giant with his back to the sun wearing a halo.

    Many years later between college graduation and service in the army I worked as a counselor for older boys at the Bowen Country Club. And I can tell you that the smallest campers and the timid ones found an instant and fierce protector in me. For I was just passing along the gift that I was given by my friend Mike Garippo.

  • To Linda Allegretti

    The blacksmith shop that you ask about was on the south side of Polk street between Halsted and Blue Island Avenue. It smelled of hay and horses and like most open-to-the-air front doors it had a viscious barking dog on a chain.
    It was located about 60 feet west of the entrance to Hull House’s game room.

    I lived at 829 S. Morgan Street until they tore the neighborhood down. I used to go to St. Pat’s grade school and so I passed the shop coming home on most days.

    Across Blue Island Avenue on the Northwest corner was Nea Agora Greek butcher shop. (It moved to Taylor Street and is still there as a matter of fact.)

    Hope this helps you out. I’ve often told my friends in Lombard, Oak Brook and Wheaton about the “Last Blacksmith Shop in Chicago”.

    Just this past weekend I took my 40 year old son to see where I grew up. He had a lot of questions about the blacksmith shop, Mary Crane Nursery School, OLPA, the CYO, the Garden Theater, Marillac House on Morgan street and St. Pat’s Grade School just one and a half blocks off skid row.

    Kindest Regards,

    Mike Campo

  • Carmen Salvino and his brother were friends of Joe.Iggy.Salvatore Leone my brothers 1005 S Racine
    Dr.Salvino in Hinsdale is Carmen.s
    Nephew a podiatrist. Wonderful memories of these gentlemen as I
    Was growing up.

  • Rafael (Ralph) Villa |

    p.s. my number is 505-450-9448 please call it would be easier,thank you.

  • Rafael (Ralph) Villa |

    i remember polk and halsted please contact me.

  • I attended Holy Guardian Angel from 1953 until I graduated in 1961. Lived at 854 W. Taylor st. Until we all moved for the U of I in 1963. Went to St. Mary’s until we moved then
    Graduated from Trinity H.S.

  • for Donald provenzale…u can reach me at this e-mail address…would like 2 hear from you as I remember you but more so many of yr classmates

  • For Mark Medina: I went to school for 8 yrs with your mom, Geraldine. I still have our class picture. My sincere condolences on her passing. Don Provenzale.
    I can be reached by email or 630-235-3840( my cell)

  • I read with a great deal of interest the letters and recollections of the contributors to your site. The fact that you think that others, outside of our childhood domain, have the least bit interest in our community, I find ludicrous. The neighborhood still exists as it once was in our hearts. We do not need to share these memories with anyone other than ourselves and our children. I thank you for your endeavors, but once our homes were torn down, the only thing that was left was the memories, old photos, and nostalgia of an era long gone. To expect the same people that tore down our homes to care how we feel is….

  • Ten years ago I made a substantial (for me) donation to the UIC School of Architecture to be used to help preserve historical significance and importance of the Italian heritage of the occupants of this neighborhood. At the same time I donated a VHS tape of my mother’s family made during the period from 1946 until 1952. The tape shows Arthington Street, streetcars on Halsted Street, movies of Cardinal Stritch’s visit to Guardian Angel Church when it celebrated it’s Duamond Jubilee. This tape should be readily accessible in the library to anyone interested.

  • You can tell Jimmy Tars that my black eye that he gave me still hasn’t healed.

  • Judy Niezgoda |

    I lived on Grenshaw before moving to Cabrini Street across from the new school. In 1958 we moved further west, but still commuted to HGA every day, because my mother worked at Lezza’s on Halsted. I graduated in 1962 with Bobbie Jo and am happy to say we’re still good friends. I too have my class picture on the bookcase in my family room.

  • Anthony Valentino |

    I grew up at 923 S. Loomis. 1946-1960. Looking back at that time was it really as good as I remember it? I think so.

    • Dolores Leone |

      Sorry about losing J.R the Chicago Policeman, your cousin. Why were 4 condolences removed from Tribune Obituary? Also Blue Boys Club discontinued!

  • My family name is Salerno. They lived at Taylor & Blue Island. Had a meat market and Uncle Joe played handball behind St Ignatius high school. Who rembers?

  • Dear Vince,
    Very entertaining stories!
    We’re looking for info re: Joseph Mirro. He lived on Fillmore/Elburn in the Taylor Street neighborhood and worked as a bailiff in the Chicago courts. His second wife was a Bercham & helped to raise Joseph’s 4 sons. One of the sons, Pasquale/Patsy, married into the VITULLO family. Many Vitullo men in Chicago were tailors.
    Thanks & keep writing!

  • Anthony Perry |

    My famiglia is from Taylor and Bishop street.

    1019 S. MORGAN ST


  • great site !!! just found a picture of my brother -in law.

  • Carmen, your right! my family the provenzale’s lived two door down from the corvino’s. as a kid gigiy use to have us hold the rope on the horse’s leg when he shoed him. his mother lived upstairs from the shop. always sitting by the window . joe corvino also had many dogs very large pitbulls as I remember & he also was attack by them. I knew the whole family & sometimes I use to sit & talk with Claudette. it was a sad day on morgan street when Jeanne died in the car crash. last time I heard about joe & jack, they opened a restaurant in Wisconsin. oh what memories I have of taylor & morgan. i’m looking for any pictures on morgan st. if anyone has them. I was in Chicago at mount carmel looking for my families and I have picture;s of the corvino graves.

  • remember the romano family very well. cousin gus Esposito married my sister Marietta scudiero. gus passed on. Marietta lives in indiana

  • Bill Daniels |

    Do any of you remember what kind of nuns you had at Holy Guardian Angel? I have a picture from a 1954 kindergarten Christmas pageant than I can send.

    • The nuns at Holy Guardian Angel were the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Sister Filibert was the principal at the time. We lived across the street (the Garippo family), the Tarsitano Family and the Avent family lived on either side of us. Where did you live?
      Tommie Garippo Romano

      • I didn’t go yhere but all the guys and girls that I knew that went there all talked about Sister Leona. I was even afraid of her and didn’t attend school there..

        • John, i met you through my cousin Nick Fabrizio. Yes it was Sister Ilona, I believe. She carried a red and white stick she called the peppermint stick, My butt still hurts. Sister Filibert had a rubber hose. I remember that too.

    • Please send the picture so we can post it in the Archives. If you can add the names of the people in the picture it would be of great help.
      Thank you
      Tommie Garippo Romano

    • I lived at 827 W Arthington and graduated from Guardian Angel in 1951. Would love to hear from anyone who will admit to remembering me.


  • I played football at St.Mel,played for U o I in Champign where I graduated. Graduated with a MBA.Lived at Wood and Taylor

    • steve pellegrino |

      I just ran accross this post. I had to give you a message. Do you remember you, Louie Molinari from Garbaldi and my Steve Pellegrino went to the Greek restaurant across from County Hospital. We mostly, I, started and argument with one of the owner’s sons and were asked to leave, almost escorted. Louie and still laugh about that. But we never saw you again.

  • born 1416 taylor street, best times were on bishop and taylor playing handball with a .10 cent ball.


  • Henry Chiuppi |

    I graduated in 1960. I lived at 771 W. Taylor above Milano’s sausage shop.

    • Hi Henry,
      Did you have a sister named Annie? I believe I went to Guardian Angel School with her. If she is your sister, what years did she attend Guardian Angel?
      Tommie Romano

      I found Bob Salvino through a friend and have been corresponding with him since. He has a story in the Archives. Isn’t it wonderful to find people from our past!

      • Henry Chiuppi |

        Hi Tommie,
        Yes my sister is named Annie. She lives in Michigan now. I don’t know when she graduated from Guardian Angel. She is 10 years older than me. Salvino souds familiar to me.

      • Yes my sister was Annie, She is 10 years older than me. I think that would make it 1950? the year she graduated.

  • Henry Chiuppi |

    I grew up on Taylor. The liquor store was east from my house. I lived at 771 W Taylor. I knew Carmen Salvino. In fact he was my sponser for confirmation. I don’t have an other information other then memories.

  • Sal Pontillo |

    Lived at 913 S. Laflin Street, Grandfather owned Montalbano Bakery and Grandmother ran grocery store on corner of Taylor and Laflin. Original member of Taylor Bishops. Pompeii graduate ,etc.etc.etc. 1937 thru 1960

  • joe silvestri |

    my father grew up on taylor street his name was angelo silvestri nickname woody any body remember him thanks his son joe.

    • New him…I remember this guy name Paco saving your Great Grandmother from a house fire….Also we were to go on a blind date and he did an about face when he saw his date…I told him she was kind of nice…lol

  • would like to reply to mark medina as i knew and lived 2 doors from his mom geraldine abinanti….however his e-mail reply address is not working…..pls advise thanks

  • I WANT ASK SOMETING TO.HE said that he nows the steet better that anyother guys on taylor street>I was wondering if u remember the some of the kids from taylor and oakley that went to school by jackson on carpenter and polk .his name was angelo kind of a big kid and were nice guy i went to school with him.there but lost contact ???? i have a picture from riverwieu back in 61 thanks joe butera

  • The pictures are wonderful and so are the stories. Do any of the families still live in the neighborhood? I wondered because as of recently it seems that the neighborhood is catering more to the students and less to the families.


  • During search of the Damarodas family on I found a Salvatore Granata (born 1823 in Sicily) married to Giuseppa Giunta (born 1832 in Sicily). Their daughter, Veronica (born 1854 in Sicily) married Anthony Buttacavoli in 1874 and they immigrated to N. Y.). The family tree then goes to Buttacavoli and on to Damarodas.

  • My brother was married to MaryAnn Granata, I knew your grandparents very well and know the whole for over 50 years
    Contact me and I will tell you what I know and get the date of their marriage for you

  • Every Saturday at 10am, from September till March. Blackie, Carlo Calabreese, Nuzzio, Muggs, Sammy P. Solly, Pat LaCassa, Jim Devito, andeven me DEaf Joe played basketball for 2 hours. Then it was outside to the back of Jacksoin School for 6 man team of softball. Besides Blackie was also a great football player. And so wasI at Quartereback. Deaf Joe

    • Hello again Mr Valicento Carlo Calabrese s
      Youngest daughter worked with us at a bank in Village of Hinsdale, one day she was upset with another teller and hit her in front of customers . I was only bank officer present plus Hinsdale Policeman.

      I separated them, on Taylor Street this was non-existent!

  • I’m JR’S cousin Deaf Joe, and Ralph LaPorte played softball with me. Wake up Vince.

  • Ya, Vince I’m JR’s cousin Deaf Joe.DEaf not blind like you.

  • Vince Romano, you think you know it all, no one was more well known then me. From Halsted to Western Ave. on Taylor Strret. Yet you left my name out, due mto your lack of the real knowledge. Deaf Joe

  • I use to fill bottles with vinegar and put the Salvino label on them. Also right next to the cash register was a bowl with gold wrap candy money in a little mesh bags! I remember walking from Uncle Sam Salvino’s all the way to the Hull House which felt like a mile when in reality it was one block! Good Time’s! Thank You! Paul Curi

  • mia mamma aveva il padre che si chiamava raffaele granata e lei giuseppina granata. io sono italiana e precisamente di napoli. mia mamma è vissuta a sant’anastasia in provincia di napoli e da sposata è ritornata a napoli

  • Great web site

  • Dominic Panico |

    My daugther & I were reading your article. We thank you for bringing forth a lot of good memories. My parents owned Panicos Grocery Store at the corner of Miller & Vernon Park. My daughter is Alice Panico DeLair. Yours truly, MiMi (Dominic) Panico
    P.S. Don’t forget the homemade Italian lemonade we had that my Father (Joe & Theresa Panico) used to make.

  • Joseph Carbone |

    I lived at 851 W. Arthington,I attended Holy Guardian Angel from kindergarten through Graduation in 1962. I still have our graduation picture with most of the classmates listed above. It’s been many years and nice to know people don’t forget each other.

  • Hi Vince,
    My grandparents were Anthony and Helen Barbaro. My grandfather was the coach at Tilden H.S. I am putting together a family tree and came across your website. My grandfather’s kids had no idea that their parents were counsels at the Bowen Country Club. Thanks for creating great memories on this site. We miss them so much!

  • Armendina Gonzales |

    As a child we lived at 861 Cabrini st. Went to Dante school, went to Hull house for years, went to Bowen Country Club every summer and at one time when I was about 14 assisted in caring for the babies for the moms at Rosinwald cottage I believe. Graqduated from Dante school in 1952 and that was the end of hull house for me. We moved and I went to Mckinley high school. I spent my young life at Hull House and it was wonderful and I do not know what I would done without Hull House. My sister is still in Chicago and we will get together and go check out all that we can concerning Hull house.

  • Oh my, the memories.. We were special, or so we thought.. Turned out to be a bit of a stretch.. However, those of that didn’t end up in prison, or in organized crime, became solid upstanding Italian American citizens.. Carlo

  • I was the last in my family to be batized at Holy Guardian Angel church. My mother the late Geraldine Abenanti graduated in in 1951 and my aunt Nancy Abenanti in 1955. We knew all the families from Tayor street, our home since we came from Italy in the 1890’S.

  • Valerie Gigante |

    Gigante family from 718 Aberdeen!

    We loved Taylor Street!

    • I live at 1019 s. morgan st. granpa provenzale sold coal & oil. taylor street will always be remembered in our family.

    • Valerie gigante. eddie gigante who lived at 718 Aberdeen was my best friend. is he still alive. I been looking for him for years. my email is I live in las vegas. please let me know if he is alive and where I can reach him. thanks pat scudiero from the comb your hair gang lol

  • Born at 900 S. Loomis. Proud of the neighborhood and heritage.

    • My grandmother and grandfather lived at 908 Loomis in the 1920’s. Would love to know if anyone has grandparents from there. Her name was Carmella Ricci. She was shot 1927 by a young man named Frank Patello. Thank you.

  • Very interested in some back history of Taylor Street where I lived until 1953



    • Bob – are you related to Carmen Salvino? If so, ask him if he remembers my Grandfather Peter Delnero. Carmen’s first bowling team was the “Delneros” and my grandparents sponsored him

      • Salvino boys are Joe a professional dancer aboard ships, Carmen a bowler,DrSalvino in Hinsdale Illinois a foot
        Specialist my brothers friends since we lived at 1003 S Racine .

  • carmen corvino |

    when my grandfather “Joe Corvino” retired in the late 50s he rented the blacksmith shop to George Braccio who we all called “Gigey” no relation to the corvinos. No one died from wwII wounds , My father Tony was the oldest brother with Joey ,George, and Jackie They also had 4 sisters Annie, Mary, Dora, and Claudette who was in a wheelchair, another sister Jeanne was killed in a car accident at 21 years old

    • Yes I knew Corvino girl and attended same dance the day she lost her life. My cousin Ralph LaPore knew her too.
      Where was location Ralph was a Chicago Policeman then our parents were related Guy and Angie or Mary?

  • My grandmother is a Sicilian-American with the last name D’Amore.

  • francine underdown |

    On Aug.2 at 11:00 at Bowen Park in Waukegan, Ill. there will be a reunion of campers and staff to mark the 100th Anniversary of the founding of BCC when Jane Addams and Louise Dekoven Bowen saw the site in Waukegan and decided this was the place they were looking for. All former campers and staff or visitors are welcome. Lunch will be served . The cost will be $10.00. Please come and enjoy the day!!

  • …From one street archive to another. It is great that you offer scholarships to keep the idea of our history alive.

  • Vince, this Archive has gotten better. A marketplace for ideas and heritage. Check my website too for tours of Little Italy.

  • Vincent Nares |

    I am searching for any info on Skinner Elem located on Jackson & aberdeen. Pics etc.
    circa 1952

  • The picture of the gentleman holding the pottery is actually Nick Fosco, my great uncle, not Lonnie! Thanks

  • Lily Campo Barbera |

    I was born on Taylor St. In 1926, my youth was spent at the Hull House & Bowen Country Club. I loved Jane Addams. I remember my
    Mom making Canolis which I would bring to her at Christmas. She was a great LADY. We lived at 771 W. Taylor Street. We were 6 girls, 4 of us attended this wonderful paradise. We were fortunate to have Jane Addams as a Gemma. I think of Miss Addams often she was
    special. We moved from Taylor street when I was nine years old. Thanks for the beautiful memories.

  • Roberta Jo Miranda nee Rizzo |

    I lived @ 924 W. Taylor until 1963 and attended Holy Guardian Angel school K-8 I remember Richard Pope and Pasqualina Panico. I am still friends with Judy Niezgoda, Mary Ann Lopez and Marianna DeMondo. I can be contacted either on facebook (Bobbie Jo Miranda) or email I apologize if this is a duplicate post.

  • Roberta Miranda nee Rizzo |

    I lived @924 W. Taylor until 1963. Graduated from Holy Guardian Angel in 1962 with Richard Pope. It would be fun to get together once.

  • John D'Amore |

    i’m third generation D’Amore from taylor street. my grandparents lived on garabaldi and polk. thats where my father and uncles we’re raised. we’re probably cousins somehow garabaldi is no longer there,townhouses are there now. i think it’s called garabaldi square

  • This dinner speech to UIC students is awesome. Should be required reading for all business, finance, social science and philosophy majors.

  • Gigi Lozano (Villarreal) |

    I Gigi Lozano lived at 1122 S. Halstead and went to Holy Guardian Angels from 1953 and graduated in 1961. I started to list Holy Guardian Angels in “Classmates” and there are many people on the list now.

  • Richard (Dickie)Pope |

    In my limited search into my beloved Taylor St. I find that there is little ink given to the real heart and soul of our neighborhood. While I am very proud of my neighbors that are the hard working, talented and industrious people that was the DNA of our Italian parents. I feel that little time or print is afforded the many colorful characters, who really put Taylor St. on the map. In Chicago, the United States and the World. If it were not for these men and women Taylor St. would be just another street in Chicago. It was the fun, on a hot summer night in the neighborhood, by these men and women that brought the real color to the neighborhood. Maybe we should focus on the American-Italian Experience ( In that order ) that was the real pulse and identity of our Neighborhood.
    Dickie Pope.

    • John Francis |

      I remember when on hot summer days we would open a fire hydrant and make a spray and play under it to cool off until the cops would turn it off and take our wrench LOL

  • Richard (Dickie)Pope |

    When I die, if God sees fit to let me enter heaven, I will be completely disappointed if it’s not Taylor St. 1950 -1970.

    • Joey curalli Sr. |

      I don’t know if you remember me but we played football together
      Louie,Bobby Boyce,and many of you “older guys”

  • Richard Pope |

    I had the pleasure of graduating from Holy Guardian Angel in 1962, and would like to hear from my classmates.

    • Richard.Pope we were the bedt of friends….I forgot where you went to HS..I went to Dt. Phillips and lived on Peoria

      • Johnny Guzman, I went to St. Phillips freshman year. Then after that Morton West in Berwyn. Then finally Riverside-Brookfield.
        More important than that, do you remember we used to take our father’s cars early Sunday mornings and cruise the neighborhood. And the time your father caught us?
        Dickie Pope.

    • Richard Pope |

      I would love to hear from any of my classmates/friends. I have been in Florida for the last 39 years. I am always looking for a Taylor Street fix! My e-mail is my phone #is 561-251-1054. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail me.
      Dickie Pope.

  • Magdalena Tufano Ludington |

    So pleased to have found this site. Both sides of my family lived in the neighborhood. D’Auria-Gannuscio and the Tufano families. I reasonably sure we are related to the Tufano Vernon Park family but no quite sure how. I remember go to Theresa Tufano and her husband Joe DiBouno home. Theresa gave me a piece of bread dunked in the gravy and Joe gave me $5.00. Hey, I was a little kid. Nice people even without food and money. My father Lou or Luchi as he was called. I know he told me he used to play cards in their back room. I spoke with Joey DiBouno about a family connection and he told me he wasn’t into doing the work but his wife, Tracy and his daughter were. That was all I got out of him. I don’t know if his great or grandparents are my grandfather Tony’s brothers or his uncles. My mother’s side lived on Polk St. in the 1940’s. My parents lived all over the Taylor St. neighborhood.

  • Dolores Leone |

    You have a Chicago Policeman’s name spelled incorrectly Vince. His name is
    Pasquale Valicento (JR) and his sister was a
    very nice girl by the name of Maryanne
    both lived on Carpenter St. and he served
    as a policeman with Ralph LaPore my
    mother’s family. Thank you

  • Catherine Balaskas |

    I Catherine Balaskas (nka Gibbons) lived at 766 W. Vernon Park Place from 1950 to 1960. I attended Holy Guardian Angel from kindergarten through 6th grade (54- 60) I would love to hear from my classmates. I think of that school often.

  • Pat Dobkowski |

    I (Pasqualina Panico) lived at 631 S Morgan from 1950-1960. Attended Holy Guardian Angel from kindergarten to 7th grade (54-61).

  • looking for the rosati resturant-hotel on taylor st 1906

  • Questions regarding original members of 42 street gang.

  • Jessie Albano |

    Wonderful site !

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