Knowledge Tag and SIFE

The mission statement of your organization, Students Involved in Free Enterprise, suggests that your successes will be measured by your ability, as entrepreneurs, to apply business and economic concepts that will impact upon those, who by accident of nature or nurture, are less fortunate than you. Your food drive breathes life into the very meaning for our existence. There are various themes that spin off of the purpose for this organizations existence. Let me attempt, in the brief time that we have here, to touch upon those themes I believe to have the greater relevance. Continue reading

Writers' Conference

Writers of the Italian American Experience May 2008 Conference Casa Italia, Stone Park, IL  Beyond Family Values – Beyond the Work Ethic – Beyond Demographics By Vincent Romano   *Historians and scholars refer to immigrants who had emigrated from their homeland … Continue reading

Fulbright Scholars

Fulbright Scholarship Luncheon Speech Saturday March 8, 2008 Pompeii Restaurant 1550 W. Taylor Street Chicago, IL 60608   Recognizing the Influences of Italian Heritage on the City of Chicago. Feature Speaker: Dominic Candeloro   Growing Up on Taylor Street. Feature … Continue reading

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