Alistair Cooke: "A Date Which Will Live in Infamy"

Italian Cultural Center, Stone Park, Illinois December 7, 2007 anniversary of Pearl Harbor by Vince Romano   Submitted to a group of Italian Americans who saw fit to hold a round table discussion on the experience of Chicago Italians in … Continue reading

Florence Scala

NEWS FLASH! Florence Scala: Betrayal: The Hull House mob… the First Ward mob…the Daley mob…the Hull House Museum mob.   On August 28, 2007, Florence Scala, Chicago’s legendary Taylor Street activist, died. Upon the passing of Florence Scala, Derrick Blakely of … Continue reading

Isaiah and the American Dream

 “A day will come when you will smell land and there will be no land. On that day Captain Ahab will beckon…and all, save one, will perish. ” In Herman Melville’s classic tale of the great white whale, Moby Dick, … Continue reading

Sheridan Park Protest

We, the residents and former residents of Taylor Street’s “Little Italy,” ask why a portion of “our” SheridanPark was used to memorialize someone other than a resident of our community. What criteria was used to select an individual who was … Continue reading

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